Learning from Lockdown

What a time to start a new business! One would think with the economy in deep V that this might not have been the right time, but it turns out the opposite is true.

We already work together as a team of policy specialists with a focus on government and politics, and between us, we have decades of senior-level experience in designing and delivering policy change, communications and media, consultations and in gathering and assessing public attitudes.

And the work hasn’t stopped. The pandemic showed just how important local and national decision-making, devolved politics and public trust in communications are, so we’ve been working on helping organisations understand the public policy response to covid, and the politics surrounding the decisions and plans.

But the pandemic did make us review and rethink, and consider what we can learn from the new ways of working, and what we can take from our new behaviours to deliver more effective and sustainable services.

We’ve been running complex policy workshops, public consultations and political communications campaigns for years, so we pivoted online and expanded the reach of the work that we do.

We’re all meeting online now, but these meetings can have their own problems, and our expert facilitation means we can confidently steer a positive contribution from your audience. The admin can also be a right pain (where’s the link? Is it in my calendar or my e-mails? That strategy document that was sent last week? The amended agenda for today) so we also plan and deliver all the logistics so you don’t have to.

And we’ll do it all online, but in a way that appeals to as wide an audience as possible, so that your staff, members or residents are far more likely to take part.
We’ve invested and developed a well-designed online platform that we can use and reuse for all sorts of client needs, and we are rolling it out at different service levels:

  • A bronze package could involve just an online team workshop that we have organised and facilitated.
  • The silver package could be an online consultation with your stakeholders linked to a policy workshop using a digital whiteboard to discuss a new policy.
  • The gold package would be a major public consultation on a new development or a new policy redesign with geo-located sentiment analysis.

The benefit of our changing behaviour over the last 2 years means we don’t have to plan events that involved lots of travel and additional costs. We can do it all bilingually from start to finish. And we can provide a one-stop-shop for you.

We’re looking forward to the conversation.